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Re: Fwd: How can the OS autodetect that a user is a newbie and offer help?

#include <hallo.h>
* Thomas Viehmann [Thu, Oct 19 2006, 10:58:42AM]:
> Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > Or we could mimic FreeBSD behaviour: create a fortune-file with helpful
> > tips for newbies, and add a line in the default initialization files
> > (i.e., those in /etc/skel) for different shells that calls fortune for
> > those tips.
> You mean like fortunes-debian-hints[1]?

IMO that's a bit too advanced, too administrator/developer specific.
I would prefer having a fortunes-newbie-hints which is mixed by fortune,
eg. using 90% from newbie-hints and 10% from debian-hints. I would even
change that during the runtime, eg. shifting the weights by one percent
every day, from newbie-hints to debian-hints.


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