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Re: How can the OS autodetect that a user is a newbie and offer help?

On 2006-10-17, Mario Iseli <mario@marioiseli.com> wrote:
> We could start together a project which does this shell scripts, I think
> it's not really a lot of work. Don't file a bug, first we can do a
> "linuxnewbie" program and someone (maybe myself) will build a debian
> package one day.

Has anyone ever done anything similar before?

What does policy say about the idea of modifying users' PATH statements?
I vaguely remember reading an ITP or something for colorwrapper, a
program which colorizes the output of ps, date, dmesg, etc. which
I think requires changing the user's path. But I don't remember what
ended up happening.

What should the help message we display say?

> For me there's only one point:
> We have to make sure that advanced users DO NOT get this bothering
> messages.

How? :-) And will it matter, if it only affects commands like 'kde',
'gnome', 'move', 'ren', and 'delete' which currently just say "bash:
command not found"?


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