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Re: Debian cares more about documents than people

alfredo diega wrote:
> Well, I guess it isn't fair.  Look, have any of you ever sent an email
> out of frustration, then wish you could take it back?  I am sorry, I
> hope somebody will forgive me.

We all have, no big deal.

> I just need to loose my pride and switch to Ubuntu.

No, you just need to have a good laugh about this all. I suggest:


I think humor comes in handy to deal with hardware pain ;)

I have a tshirt that says: 
  "Debian: Good things come to those who...  wait". 
I love it beacuse it is both fun and true. Things may work a bit
differently here, but we do care about our users. I think freedom is
important to our users, and while I also understand your fustration, we
do emphazise freedom. 

I guess you were "blessed" with an ugly piece of hardware with freedom
issues in its support. It is going to take some time until it is ready,
probably in a part of our archive that is labeled as non-free, and
maybe, as you own this hardware, you might even be interested in helping
out, if you are not so angry anymore, at least at the later testing
stages. Both distros would benefit from this work, btw.

Have fun!

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