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Re: Debian cares more about documents than people

At 1158835506 past the epoch, alfredo diega wrote:
> Next:  SD drive, works with Ubuntu with their "free
> stuuf."  Probably isn't supported by policy either.

Without more specifics I can't be sure, but if it's an sdhci
device, the driver was merged into mainline starting with
2.6.17. I believe dapper carries 2.6.16, and I think one of
their kernel gurus backported the sdhci driver patches to
that kernel[1] so that hardware support would be present for
the release, prior to it being officially in the kernel.

Again I'm not 100% sure here but I think the default kernel
in Etch will be 2.6.17 or greater so the odds are that your
driver should work out-of-the-box by the time we actually

Either way, 2.6.17 is available in etch to apt-get right

[1] Actually, the sdhci people rewrote the driver a great
    deal shortly after 2.6.17 came out because they got
    ahold of a spec for the device, finally. They had
    previously written everything based on very scant info
    and reverse engineering.  The out-of-tree patches at the
    time of 2.6.17 result in much faster transfers to SDHCI
    devices.  I don't know if dapper has these, and I don't
    know if they made 2.6.18.

Jon Dowland

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