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Re: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Re: Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

[Mario Holbe]
> Is it?

Yes, mounting tmpfs on /var/run/ and /var/lock/ is supposed to work,
and packages not handling it need to be fixed.  And as you can see in
/etc/init.d/, quite a few packages got this right already.  A few got
still it haven't been adjusted to work like that, and we should get
those fixed soon.

> So, as long as the Debian policy doesn't handle this,

I agree that we should update the policy to document this fact.

> because if I would fix this, the submitter would surely come and
> require me to handle the magic disappearing of files under /usr/bin
> or directories under /usr/lib or whatever.

If you believe this, you must have misunderstood what make /var/run/
and /var/lock/ special.  They are supposed to be cleaned at boot, and
this feature is not shared with /usr/bin/, /usr/lib or whatever.  It
is this property that make it OK to mount a tmpfs as /var/run/ and

Petter Reinholdtsen

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