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Re: Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

This one time, at band camp, Petter Reinholdtsen said:
> [Steve Langasek]
> > However, that's not the same thing as saying it's ok for sysvinit to
> > *make* /var/run a tmpfs on the admin's behalf.  I think it's pretty
> > clear that this violates the letter of the FHS, and such a change
> > needs to be considered carefully.
> I fail to see how it violates the letter of the FHS.  It is as far as
> I can see unspecified what kind of file systems will be used, and also
> if directories will persist across boots.

While I don't absolutely agree with /var/run being tmpfs, I can see the
arguments and I'm not really interested in repeating them here.  But
really, if you change a filesystem out from under me, and a locally
installed application breaks as a result, that is a bug in the package
that decided to whimsically change a filesystem on my system.  So
please, after due consideration make new installs default to tmpfs if
you like, but don't change existing setups lightly.
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