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Re: claiming bugs, BTS delay, planning BSPs

Re: martin f krafft 2006-09-08 <20060908082151.GA13104@piper.madduck.net>
> Please see #385957, and the discussion between Julian and myself.
> Basically, we thought about two solutions, and I came up with
> a third one last night.
>   1. Julian proposes to simply to encode the information about a BSP
>      into the tag for any given bug:
>         user bugsquash@qa.debian.org
>         usertag 123456 + bsp-zurich-madduck@debian.org
>      alternatively, split it up into two tags:
>         user bugsquash@qa.debian.org
>         usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org
>         usertag 123456 + bsp-zurich

I don't think we need more than one tag per claim.

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