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Re: The debian boot dependency graph image

[Wouter Verhelst]
> My point being that you don't want to list them as hard dependencies
> unless you really need udev and can't work with static devices for
> some other reason.

I suspect very few packages should depend on udev.  Most packages
depend on local and remote file systems being mounted, and it is up to
the boot system to get to that stage.

The next upload of mountdevsub.sh will have a should-start dependency
on udev, to make sure the proper order is generated.

> Moreover, some dependencies may depend and may have to be rearranged
> depending on configuration. I don't think it's possible to express
> that with LSB-style initscripts, unfortunately.

Actually, I've implemented the concept of override files in inssert, a
program reading these headers, and the local admin can add a file in
/etc/ to modify the configuration.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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