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Re: claiming bugs, BTS delay, planning BSPs

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2006.09.02.1518 +0200]:
> Independently, I was considering that it would make a lot of sense
> for each attendant to prepare for the BSP, possibly by
> pre-selecting bugs to work on and ideally getting in touch with
> the maintainer of upstream as needed well in advance. One would
> thus claim a number of bugs to work on a week before and prepare
> everything so that the time at the BSP can be used for squashing,
> not waiting for maintainers to get back to you.
> After the BSP, bugs would be automatically unclaimed. This could
> be done in a way like the devscripts's pts-subscribe -- via an at
> job.

Please see #385957, and the discussion between Julian and myself.

Basically, we thought about two solutions, and I came up with
a third one last night.

  1. Julian proposes to simply to encode the information about a BSP
     into the tag for any given bug:
        user bugsquash@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + bsp-zurich-madduck@debian.org

     alternatively, split it up into two tags:
        user bugsquash@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org
        usertag 123456 + bsp-zurich

     Now, when the BSP is over, we could have a script to remove
     claims (after warning the claimer).

  2. I would use two seperate usertag addresses:
        user bugsquash@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org
        user bugsquash-zurich@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org

These two are basically equivalent.

My other idea was to encode the date of a claim into the claim tag,
using either of these methods:
        user bugsquash@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org
        user bugsquash-2006-09-09@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org

We could then have a script that pings maintainers after a week (or
whatever we deem appropriate) and asks them to reconfirm their
claim, otherwise it will be removed:
        user bugsquash-2006-09-09@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 - madduck@debian.org
        user bugsquash-2006-09-15@qa.debian.org
        usertag 123456 + madduck@debian.org


Also, so far I have not gotten any replies on the other question:
does it make sense to plan the bugs to squash in advance and get in
touch with upstream? How do we best coordinate multiple BSPs at

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