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claiming bugs, BTS delay, planning BSPs

Hi all,

we're in the middle of the BSPMarathon[0]. Among the things new this
year (as opposed to the sarge BSPs) are usertags for claiming bugs
[1]. Unfortunately, the BTS is known to lag a bit these days, and it
won't get better during a BSP, so I wonder how to best handle this.

0. http://wiki.debian.org/BSPMarathon
1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2005/09/msg00138.html

Independently, I was considering that it would make a lot of sense
for each attendant to prepare for the BSP, possibly by pre-selecting
bugs to work on and ideally getting in touch with the maintainer of
upstream as needed well in advance. One would thus claim a number of
bugs to work on a week before and prepare everything so that the
time at the BSP can be used for squashing, not waiting for
maintainers to get back to you.

After the BSP, bugs would be automatically unclaimed. This could be
done in a way like the devscripts's pts-subscribe -- via an at job.

Is this a good idea? Are people already doing this?

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