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Re: Problem sending to Alioth lists?

* Roberto C. Sanchez [Mon, 28 Aug 2006 02:10:22 -0400]:

> > Nope, that won't help. Knowing you use Mutt, and unless your MTA is
> > configured in a quite restrictive way, this should solve your problems:

> >   % echo set envelope_from=yes >>~/.muttrc

> That did it.  Now, care to explain why/how?

Provided that you understand the diference (hinted in my previous mail)
between the SMTP-level "MAIL FROM", a.k.a. "Envelope-From", and
headers-level "From" header, the answer is this:

  the default behavior is for /usr/lib/sendmail implementations to
  always use as Envelope-From `whoami`@`hostname`. If the user does not
  want this, they can invoke the sendmail binary like "sendmail -f

  If Mutt's $envelope_from is set, Mutt will use the "From: " as the
  desired envelope-from, and will tell so to sendmail with -f.

> Also, why is this not default?

My guess it's that it's not set by default upstream in order to retain
compatibility after introducing this option. As for Debian, I don't
recall any request to differ from upstream since I started reading mutt
BTS traffic; maybe there were some, earlier than that.


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