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Re: Problem sending to Alioth lists?

This one time, at band camp, Roberto C. Sanchez said:
> Is the mailing list software on Alioth broken or misconfigured?  If I
> send from any host on my network other than the one which happens to be
> the mail server, I get this error when I send to an Alioth list:
> Aug 27 17:26:48 santiago postfix/smtp[23682]: 4A8002403D:
> to=<pkg-cyrus-sasl2-debian-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>,
> relay=lists.alioth.debian.org[], delay=21, status=deferred
> (host lists.alioth.debian.org[] said:
> 451 Could not complete sender verify callout (in reply to RCPT TO
> command))
> Could someone confirm if there is a problem here?  It is rather annoying
> to have to login to a specific machine in order to send mail to Alioth.

What the message suggests to me is that the other machines in your
domain should be using address rewriting if they are sending from
unroutable addresses.
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