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Re: Debian ISOs

Am Mittwoch 23 August 2006 12:41 schrieb Josselin Mouette:
> Le mercredi 23 août 2006 à 11:30 +0200, Christian Perrier a écrit :
> > I have a few doubts about the knowledge of the average user for
> > Bittorrent. For sure, having BitTorrent helps reducing the load
> > because all users that have some know-how with it will use it...but
> > making it the main distribution mode...ahem.....I think that most of
> > the users will stick to ISO images downloads.
> When a nice bittorrent frontend is installed, the user will only have to
> click on the link to start the download. This is true for Windows and
> Linux.

If, not when. There is no bittorrent client in any Suggests: or Recommends: 
line of any of the browsers in Debian. And I guess that most system do not 
have one intalled.
However, http and ftp will always work as that is the same method as the one 
used to access the download page.


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