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Re: Quickcam pro 4000, pwc problem

#include <hallo.h>
* John Talbut [Wed, Aug 23 2006, 11:59:43AM]:
> Thanks both for your help.  Unfortunately it has not worked.
> >>   2.  Setting up module-assistant:
> >>
> >>     apt-get install module-assistant
> >>     m-a prepare

> I did these (using aptitude rather than apt-get).  The install exited with 
> an error.  A relevant line in the log is:
> install: cannot stat `pwc.ko': No such file or directory

m-a stores last build logs, do:
ls /var/cache/modass/*pwc* 

Find the relevant log and file a bug report (with reportbug), attaching
this file.


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