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Re: WTF ? (Fwd: Your message to Yaird-devel awaits moderator approval)

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Weber <thomas.weber.mail@gmail.com> writes:

    Thomas> How is that different from a non-responsive maintainer (in
    Thomas> which case you don't even know that the message arrived on
    Thomas> his mail system)?

First you need to define "non-responsive maintainer". Depending on the
circumstances, the maintainer might be MIA, and the appropriate
procedures need to be followed.

However, there are differences:

* In one case you can usually assume the maintainer got the message,
in the other case you practically got confirmation that the message
didn't get through.

* If the maintainer doesn't respond, you can always send a ping, and
find out if he/she replies.

* If you get a warning message from a mailing list, then sending a ping
message won't do any good, the same thing will happen.

* The warning message seems rude. I took the effort to email Debian a
bug report - why should I get spammed with this meaningless message
in response?

* The warning message implies that people who
send bug reports to Debian must also subscribe to upstream mailing
lists. This is unacceptable (IMHO). I already subscribe to far too many
mailing lists.

* It gives the impression that the Debian maintainers aren't
interested in receiving bug reports or improving the quality of
their packages.

Yes, both cases are bad and we should be working to eliminate them.

Attached is a bounce message I just got recently from a bug report I
just filled.

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