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Re: WTF ? (Fwd: Your message to Yaird-devel awaits moderator approval)

* Brian May <bam@debian.org> [2006-08-17 10:52]:

> * The warning message implies that people who send bug reports to
> Debian must also subscribe to upstream mailing lists. This is
> unacceptable (IMHO). I already subscribe to far too many mailing lists.

As regards mailing lists managed by Mailman, an alternative to avoid the
problem is by including the bug reporter into the accept_these_nonmembers
list.  According to the Mailman documentation:

    accept_these_nonmembers (privacy): List of non-member addresses whose
    postings should be automatically accepted.

This is what I do for all the mailing lists I administer at Alioth.  It
is just two-clicks away in the moderator web interface of Mailman 2.1.5.


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