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Re: WTF ? (Fwd: Your message to Yaird-devel awaits moderator approval)


Am Donnerstag, den 17.08.2006, 10:52 +1000 schrieb Brian May:
> * In one case you can usually assume the maintainer got the message,
> in the other case you practically got confirmation that the message
> didn't get through.
> * If the maintainer doesn't respond, you can always send a ping, and
> find out if he/she replies.
> * If you get a warning message from a mailing list, then sending a ping
> message won't do any good, the same thing will happen.

I would sum up all these reasons as "if the message doesn't come
through, the maintainers are MIA". Just for the record: for every
message held for approval, the moderators get an email saying so. It's
not like they have to check this manually.

> * The warning message seems rude. I took the effort to email Debian a
> bug report - why should I get spammed with this meaningless message
> in response?

I actually consider this a configuration issue. However, I have not yet
seen a possibility to waive BTS messages through (which would be really
helpful). I'm looking into the documentation right now.

> * The warning message implies that people who
> send bug reports to Debian must also subscribe to upstream mailing
> lists. This is unacceptable (IMHO). I already subscribe to far too many
> mailing lists.
I don't think that the message implies that. At least, you are the first
one to bring this up.

> * It gives the impression that the Debian maintainers aren't
> interested in receiving bug reports or improving the quality of
> their packages.
Well, I think it gives the impression that the lists' moderators care
about not filling the subscribers' inboxes with even more spam; I don't
have hard numbers (I don't count the messages), but my feeling is that
> 50% of all messages are spam. I suggest you have a look at some
not-so-much used lists at lists.debian.org (June 2006 of
debian-consultants is a pretty good example). These lists look as if
nobody cared what happens with them.


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