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Re: Packaging software which does not use autotools

On 2006-08-14 22:55:41, Sam Morris wrote:

Sure, just customise the rules file it generates to not call a
script. The rules file can really contain anything you want, as long
as it
builds a decent package when called. :)

Nice, I have been accustomed to use dh_make and the various config files it produces, and dh_make, when used properly, more or less does all the things required for a decent deb-package => save time:-)

No problems policy or legal-wise; you just have to consider how
supportable the software is. If it gets into the next Debian release
has a security flaw discovered in it, can you help fix the bug?

This type of software does not give me any head-egg because developing and researching in this particular area is what I do for a living:-)

To answer your question 5, if you think other users might find the
software useful then go for it! :)

I think I will have a go for it. I already have made a ITP/RFS for a front-end to this application in GTK2 which I have done myself.

Michael Rasmussen

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