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Re: cdrtools

> Debian must either be able to clean itself from people who use Debian
> for such campaigns against OSS authors, or Debian needs to be called
> a higly suspect and non-free project.

As an outsider of the Debian project, you probably have little
knowledge of all the people you're debating with currently. What's
really funny is that several of these people are indeed people who
sometimes have radically different opinions about licensing, freeness
and all these things.

You see the Debian project as a monolithic project with only one
voice, which is everything but true.

But, here, what is even more funny is that most of these very often
incompatible people seem to agree that the licensing of your software
makes it unacceptable for the project. Even those people that are not
known to be "freeness zealots" think it (count me among those
people...several here will confirm this to you).

This would make anyone with a reasonable sense of debate at least
question his/her reasoning. Which you do not seem ready to do,
standing in your ivory tower (at least this is my understanding of
this thread, please forgive me if that's untrue and if your really
ready to discuss the parts that Debian considers questionable in you

That's really infortunate, of course.....and the only option I see
here for Debian is to use some forks of your project that would use
some more reasonable licensing.....unless you seem ready to reconsider
it. If you're not, there's probably not much point wasting our
respective time.

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