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Re: Buildds still not picking up new architectures, why?

Michael Banck writes:
> Couldn't you get the problematic outdated packages (I assume this is
> the case if you're talking about [testing?] transitions) removed
> temporarily?

No, that would not solve the problem.  The problem, as the subject
line says, is that the buildds are not building my packages on all
architectures.  I need to see the build logs on all archs before
I'm satisfied that my packages are in good shape.

The Ada transition does not require the removal of any package.

>> If Ryan is the only person who can fix this, then Debian has a
>> problem;
> I assume the Debian administration team is responsible for this
> task, but as Ryan is also a w-b and p-a-s admin, it sounds
> reasonable to expect he will tend to it.

Someone else (lamont) did the changes I requested on p-a-s; now the
only remaining problem is that the buildds are not taking the new
version of p-a-s into account, because they can't talk to the CVS

>> it would be nice to put a w-b admin *team* in place, for redundancy
>> and no single point of failure.
> I don't think we should talk of `failure' really, at most this is a
> hold-up.

Ah :) Well so far I have failed in executing my planned Ada
transition, because of this hold-up :) But it is not too late to
snatch victory from the jaws of defeat :)

Ludovic Brenta.

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