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Re: cdrtools

Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> You troll around on debian-devel, you troll around on lkml, you seem to
> be more intelligent, wise, knowledgable, fluent in licenses, all-mighty
> than *ALL* *OTHER*:
> - linux kernel developers (quite a lot)
> - debian developers (quite a lot)
> Do you really believe this yourself?!?! If yes, go for a therapist, please, I
> would even pay the first hour!

You are a really bad troll!

Any sane person who did follow this mail thread knows that the trolls
from Debian did only send junk and obvious lies while I tried to 
give technical based explanations.

I do not need to comment your insane scribbling, only people who are as insane
as you are will believe you.

And it is interesing to see that the same applies to the LKML trolls as 
does apply to the Debian trolls:

When they run out of arguments, they either stop replying or start
with personal infringement. You are obviously from the second category.


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