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Re: small quirks setting up a cross-compile toolchain

Aaron M. Ucko <ucko@debian.org> wrote:
> Tyler MacDonald <tyler@yi.org> writes:
> > 	Has anybody else run into this? Is there something I can do that's
> > cleaner and closer to The Debian Way than manually making symlinks?
> Install the Debian toolchain-source package and go from there.

	That's exactly what I did:

apt-get install -y \
        autoconf2.13 \
        toolchain-source toolchain-source-gdb \
        toolchain-source-newlib \
        dpkg-cross dejagnu expect gperf dpatch gobjc cdbs quilt \
        expectk patchutils equivs fakeroot

cd /usr/src

tpkg-make arm-linux

cd binutils-arm-linux-*
debuild --no-tgz-check -uc -us

TPKG_SERVER=ftp.yi.org tpkg-install-libc arm-linux

	I end up with a /usr/arm-linux and /usr/arm-linux-gnu :-/

		- Tyler

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