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Re: small quirks setting up a cross-compile toolchain

tyler@yi.org wrote:
>         That's exactly what I did:
> apt-get install -y \
>         autoconf2.13 \
>         toolchain-source toolchain-source-gdb \
>         toolchain-source-newlib \
>         dpkg-cross dejagnu expect gperf dpatch gobjc cdbs quilt \
>         expectk patchutils equivs fakeroot
> cd /usr/src
> tpkg-make arm-linux

See, there's your problem.  Try:
tpkg-make arm-linux-gnu

> cd binutils-arm-linux-*
> debuild --no-tgz-check -uc -us
> debi
> TPKG_SERVER=ftp.yi.org tpkg-install-libc arm-linux
TPKG_SERVER=ftp.yi.org tpkg-install-libc arm-linux-gnu

>         I end up with a /usr/arm-linux and /usr/arm-linux-gnu :-/
And you should end up with only arm-linux-gnu.

For obscure reasons (which I would like to get rid of), some parts of the 
cross-tools structure care about exactly what form of the system name you 
give to the tools, while others use the canonical name.

If you still end up with two different things.... come back and complain to 
whoever's generating arm-linux.

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