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Re: Two versions of pan in etch?


I'd advise against more than one version, that'll make you support two
versions with very limited upstream support. Do ship the one you're
comfortable with supporting until etch+1 and security supporting
somewhat longer largely by yourself: Upstream will tell you 'not to use
beta software' for the new one and that 'you should upgrade from the
"way old and bitrotten" version' for the old one.[1]

Having beta software in stable is a major headache (ha!) for all parties
involved (I've seen something like that with
phpGroupWare/woody.), so I'd vote for the old version over the new.

As a third option - and this is no joke - you could[2] consider to ship
none at all (have an external repo or somesuch). I did opt against
AqBanking support for sarge (and am very glad I made the right choice
with that) and most users are happy with the repository of backports
maintained on alioth by Micha Lenk. As much as we wish to provide users
with software in Debian, sometimes, this is not the ideal way of doing

Kind regards


1. And there is nothing wrong with that, either.
2. And indeed, please do consider this seriously. It's OK if you decide
   to ship a version with stable, but do ship great software and not
   just the version that is available at freeze time that sucks the
Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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