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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies, stage 5

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 06:32:54PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Steve Greenland wrote:
> > This really seems like something that while they may, very occasionally,
> > be required, are mostly unnecessary and often misused.
> Rather, I'd characterise it as a feature that is necessary for any
> general-purpose depencency-based system to be complete[1], which is
> totally safe and does not adversely affect any aspect of the system 
> if some simple rules are followed, and which, if used incorrectly, is
> still orders of magnitude safer than other dpkg features, such as its
> support for setuid files, or its support for postinst scripts that run
> arbitrary code at install time.

Well, if foo depends on foo-data, and foo-data depends on foo, I find
it really hard to see the point of splitting the two into distinctive

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