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Re: Could there be a arch build test befre upload?

Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org> writes:

> Em Wed, 19 Jul 2006 09:14:48 -0600
> Joseph Smidt <jsmidt@byu.edu> escreveu:
>> 	The arm dev suggested using experimental for such a purpose,
>> which I admit is a good idea, but isn't that more than is needed if
>> all you want to test is whether it builds on all architectures.
>> dbuildtest could be another sanity test on top of linda and lintian.
>> Then you know in advance if the build would work.
> Too much load for the buildd network, I believe. Notice that you do
> have chroots in various port machines, and you can request that
> build-deps for your package be installed on them.
> See you,

And how often do they not have the right build-depends installed?

Also note that the load is the same if you start a build manual or if
buildd builds a package. So in overall cpu time you don't loose as
long as builds as started for specific archs.


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