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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

(afaik, it's very obvious that I'm subscribed to -devel and, unless I'm wrong, I never requeted for being CC'ed in private)

Lionel Elie Mamane a écrit :

Wrong. Disagreeing with you is not the same as not reading your
arguments. Sorry that you were not convincing.

I'm afraid you failed to make it clear. Glad that you cleared this out.

This will still include legitimate mail.

Sure...just like legitimate mail is very likely to be slowed...or lost on DD machines because most of us *have* to use anti-spam measures on our own machines (most often without the needed complete knowledge, /me being the first).

Or, even without this, slowing down because our @debian.org addresses are overspammed and we may be likely to jst miss one important mail.

Or (already happened to me) losing information because a legitimate mail, lost in a bunch of spam crap, was infortunate enough to just appear like spam...and be discarded or not read.

There is a price to pay and slowing down (not losing...slowing down) a very small portion of legitimate mail is a small part of it.

Bingo: Legitimate mail slowed down. You think the price is worth it,
which is a valid opinion. I happen not to think so.

The question becomes: aren't you in a small minority? We certainly all know that it's perfectly impossible to reach a 100% consensus on such a topic. But what would be your point if a strong majority of DD agrees with the use of greylisting (as described by Pierre)

I don't remember the "master cannot cope under mail load, we need
desperate measures" point being brought up before. I may have missed

Well, given the way I received debian lists mail last day, there has probably been something somewhere..:)

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