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Challenge: Binary free uploading

Hi all,

At https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NoMoreSourcePackages is a description of
the new world order for Ubuntu packages -- which will simplify making
changes to Ubuntu packages to a matter of simply committing the change
to the source repository with bzr, and running a new command something
like "src publish edgy" to instruct the autobuilders to grab the source
from the bzr repository, create a traditional source package, and start
building it for all architectures.

We've recently seen an example of someone using some general features of
the bug tracking system to mirror LaunchPad's features wrt tracking the
status on other BTSes [0] -- what I'm wondering is if we can't manage to
hack up a similar feature to that one for Debian with our current tools.

The idea would be, I guess, to be able to setup pbuilder on a server
somewhere, have it watch for a build instruction -- and then automatically
check out the source, run a build with pbuilder, make the build log
available, and if the build was successful, make the .changes file, the
source and the binary packages available, so that they can be checked by
hand, and uploaded to the archive. 

For bonus points, have the server be able to automatically do the upload
by the maintainer downloading the changes, signing it, and sending the
signed changes file somewhere.

For more bonus points, have the server be easy to setup (apt-get install
some package, edit a conguration file), and work for all sorts of
different revision control systems (CVS, Subversion, git, etc).


[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/05/msg00001.html

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