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Re: Alioth Tracker: no correspondence to BTS?

Peter Samuelson, 2006-07-09 21:30:11 +0200 :

> [Toni Mueller]
>> I've just poked around a bit in Alioth for a project I'm working on
>> and found a bug report with a bug number that has no resemblance to
>> anything in BTS, quite contrary to my initial assumption.
> Yeah, the sourceforge software includes a primitive bug tracker
> which, as far as I know, people don't really use on alioth.

Some do (the Alioth admins, for a start :-).  Oh, and it's Gforge, not
Sourceforge (which has ceased to be free for years).

>> Imho this would only make sense if integrating these two is hard,
>> and if non-Debian projects are hosted on Alioth (I don't know).
> Yeah, I couldn't tell you why that feature is even enabled on
> alioth.

  Because having it available doesn't hurt, and project admins can
enable/disable trackers on their project as they see fit.

> Do people actually use it?  I certainly never check the tracker for
> alioth projects I'm involved with; I just assume people will use the
> Debian BTS instead.

  Some people do use it.  Not many, admittedly: we have a total of
about 3600 tracker items in the database.  But since we have a few
cases of upstream development hosted on Alioth, it makes sense to
offer an alternative to the Debian BTS that not everyone likes.

Roland Mas

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