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Re: Bug#359073: Net/RBLClient.pm (postgreyreport)

> On Sun, 09 Jul 2006 21:51, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
[... package doesn't exist, perhaps somebody on d-perl@l.d.o has time to do 
the package? ... ]

On Sunday 09 July 2006 22:17, you wrote:
> Done.

Now that is what I call response time!  Huge thank you!  And this even 
during the soccer WM finale (congrats to you Italians down there! ;-)

> The package is in the Debian Perl Group's svn repository.
> Could someone please check/upload it?

Sorry, got to go to bed now, so your effort won't bear fruits just now.  
Kinda spoils the fun :-(

-- vbi

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