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Re: Alioth Tracker: no correspondence to BTS?

[Toni Mueller]
> I've just poked around a bit in Alioth for a project I'm working on
> and found a bug report with a bug number that has no resemblance to
> anything in BTS, quite contrary to my initial assumption.

Yeah, the sourceforge software includes a primitive bug tracker which,
as far as I know, people don't really use on alioth.

> Imho this would only make sense if integrating these two is hard, and
> if non-Debian projects are hosted on Alioth (I don't know).

Yeah, I couldn't tell you why that feature is even enabled on alioth.
Do people actually use it?  I certainly never check the tracker for
alioth projects I'm involved with; I just assume people will use the
Debian BTS instead.

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