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Re: cdrtools

* Erast Benson <erast@gnusolaris.org> [2006-07-07 17:54]:

> On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 08:39 -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > No. The primary issue is that the mixture of a GPL+CDDL work creates a
> > work that cannot be distributed by anyone else but the copyright
> > holder.
> It seems to be an offtopic here, but could you please elaborate a little
> bit further, which particular statement of which license prevents it?
I don't know if you have seen the videos of the CDDL talk at debconf6
but the guys from SUN (and one of their attorneys was there as well)
clearly pointed out that CDDL is on purpose a GPL incompatible license.

HTH Martin
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