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Re: cdrtools

Kevin Bube wrote:
> What about switching to dvdrtools [1]? I think this project was started
> to solve the frequently recurring arguments about the licensing and the
> device adressing scheme cdrtools use.

This was also considered as an option[0]. However, this is not the place
and not the right people (no offence) to discuss this a second time
again. The people in charge (CTTE and the maintainers) are working on an
optimal solution. They will communicate it as soon as they are ready.

[0] dvdrtools are currently in non-free (so not part of Debian at all)
and therefore not a solution/replacement - but.. Eduard spoke with
Julien why he did put it there: JS' interpretation of the GPL when it
comes to derivates (read it's copyright file) may sound strange on the
first look, but it is ok and does not conflict with any clause of the
GPL; therefore, the consens was IIRC that it will go to main, sooner or

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