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Re: exim4 & spf: #377034 & #258210

Take matters into your own hands. :)

The following is what I used to do to run exim4 4.50 with SPF checking.
I think that the same broad steps will also apply to more recent versions
of the package.

 # apt-get install build-essential libspf2-dev fakeroot
 # apt-get build-dep exim4
 $ apt-get source exim4
 $ cd exim4-4.50
 $ debian/rules unpack-configs
 $ cp EDITME.exim4-heavy EDITME.exim4-spf
 $ editor EDITME.exim4-spf
   change lines 346-349(?):
    CFLAGS  += -I/usr/include/spf2
    LDFLAGS += -lspf2
 $ debian/rules pack-configs # if there is an error here, ignore it(?)
 $ bash debian/create-custom-package spf
 $ fakeroot debian/rules builddaemonpackages=exim4-daemon-spf buildbasepackages=no binary

You will then have an exim4-daemon-spf package built in the parent

Sam Morris

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