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Re: #195752: Can somebody mark this bug as grave or critical?

Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> wrote:
> Have you looked at the package description that this bug is about?  This
> is quite a bit more than DHCP client.  While I would be unhappy about
> having machines I need access to have their addresses assigned by DHCP,
> it is trivial to configure the server side for static IP assignments,
> and it's also a decades old, robust technology.
> This is someone hanging their 'server' off of a tin can and string and
> being surprised it fell off the network.

	No, it isn't. That wasn't my server, it is a laptop. My pbuilder
dist on there is sid, and I was just doing a dselect-upgrade before I did a
test build, in case that fixed the recent "tar" problems.

	laptop-net says that it will do stuff when the cable is plugged in
or unplugged, *not* when it's upgraded, started up, or shut down. Any
application screwing with your network interfaces during an upgrade better
at least ask you first. It's the sort of thing that can kill a
dselect-upgrade halfway through with no ability to get back in, just like
installing a fresh kernel with the same version as the kernel being
installed, or upgrading libc, which is why those packages have prompts for
upgrading to make sure you're "really" ready.

	When you upgrade dhclient, it doesn't take your network interface
offline and start from scratch.

	When I am in front of the keyboard, unplugging and plugging in
connections, it's great that laptop-net does it's thing. But when I am
connecting remotely and a debian upgrade just happens to cut me off of the
internet, I get pissed off. I've removed the software from my laptop until
this bug is fixed. I think that this behaviour is dangerous enough that it
should not be allowed in any sort of software update without a huge fat
warning, whether that's a debian update or any other distro/OS.

	The maintainer of the package has said he is going to try and fix
this, so this problem should be moot soon. :)

		- Tyler

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