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Re: #195752: Can somebody mark this bug as grave or critical?

Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> writes:

> It occurs to me that people who want servers to have their network
> configurations automagically configured for them are just asking for
> trouble.  If this was a problem with standard ifupdown for a server
> interface, I would agree with you.  But autoconfiguration for network
> interfaces when you expect to be able to reliably address them remotely
> is, well, the only polite thing I can say is, odd.

I have in the past had a server on a local area network where the
network administrators refused to assign a static IP address.  But
they would set things up to promise to always give me the same IP
address every time by DHCP and not assign that address to anyone
else.  But they wanted me to promise not to configure it as a static
address on my server, because if something should go wrong, it was
important that I be a good Net Citizen and not use an address which
might have been (accidentally) given to a different computer on the

It worked just fine for years, and only ended when I bought a new
server which I put in a standard colocation shop.


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