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Re: #195752: Can somebody mark this bug as grave or critical?

This one time, at band camp, Thomas Bushnell BSG said:
> Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> writes:
> > It occurs to me that people who want servers to have their network
> > configurations automagically configured for them are just asking for
> > trouble.  If this was a problem with standard ifupdown for a server
> > interface, I would agree with you.  But autoconfiguration for
> > network interfaces when you expect to be able to reliably address
> > them remotely is, well, the only polite thing I can say is, odd.
> I have in the past had a server on a local area network where the
> network administrators refused to assign a static IP address.  But
> they would set things up to promise to always give me the same IP
> address every time by DHCP and not assign that address to anyone else.
> But they wanted me to promise not to configure it as a static address
> on my server, because if something should go wrong, it was important
> that I be a good Net Citizen and not use an address which might have
> been (accidentally) given to a different computer on the network.
> It worked just fine for years, and only ended when I bought a new
> server which I put in a standard colocation shop.

Have you looked at the package description that this bug is about?  This
is quite a bit more than DHCP client.  While I would be unhappy about
having machines I need access to have their addresses assigned by DHCP,
it is trivial to configure the server side for static IP assignments,
and it's also a decades old, robust technology.

This is someone hanging their 'server' off of a tin can and string and
being surprised it fell off the network.
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