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Re: Why does doc packages need to contain gzipped files?

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 19:31:39 +0200
René van Bevern <rvb@debian.org> wrote:

> Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> writes:
> Hello,
> >   2. xpdf doesn't want to open gzipped pdfs by default which
> >      makes this a pain in the **tt for people who want to read the
> > pdf.
> There's "zxpdf" in the xpdf package, analogous to zless and zcat it
> views gzipped files.

Yes, but the problem is that many systems (firefox, rox-filer etc...)
will see a .pdf.gz as a gzip file and call ark or file-roller and not
zxpdf. And I don't want to do endless hand-editing of mime.types to
fit all special cases. To install Debian it may take 45 minutes, but
to do endless customisation one easily uses days. My hope for the
future is that the default setup is so user-friendly (no matter how
ambiguous the definition may be) as it can be so little customising
is necessary.  

In my not so humble opinion zgrep zxpdf etc.. should be
depreciated and gunzip capabilities should be available by default in
grep and xpdf. However, if there is no reason to gzip a file in the doc
packages, then I do not understand why it is done.

Take care,


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