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Re: NMUs for Python Policy -- please hold them a little

Loïc Minier, 2006-06-23 16:40:06 +0200 :


>  Probably the biggest reason why I feel this extra time would be
>  useful is because the new Python Policy and the tools supporting it
>  saw non-negligible changes in the last days.  All of this only
>  settled very recently.  This explains why maintainers have been
>  reluctant in moving packages to the new policy immediately.

And here I was, thinking a policy was a collection of tried and true
best practices turned into official status after they've been in use
by most concerned packages for some time.  I guess I'm hopelessly out
of touch with reality.

Roland Mas

Just because you're dead doesn't mean they aren't still out to get you.
  -- Virgil, in Ye Gods! (Tom Holt)

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