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NMUs for Python Policy -- please hold them a little


 It's nice that people spend extra time in taking care of the packages
 of others, for example when they upload a NMU to fix serious or
 important issues, however this is not always desired or required
   I suppose some people think the green flag has been waved for NMUing
 Python packages for the new Python Policy, but -- without any judgment
 whether this is the case or not -- I'd like to ask: please let the
 maintainers a little more time, for example a week starting today.

 Probably the biggest reason why I feel this extra time would be useful
 is because the new Python Policy and the tools supporting it saw
 non-negligible changes in the last days.  All of this only settled very
 recently.  This explains why maintainers have been reluctant in moving
 packages to the new policy immediately.

 (This is not a call against properly done NMUs in general, but a
 specific call to postpone NMUs concerning the Python Policy by a few
 days because the situation just stabilized.)


PS: DELAYED is fine, even if that might mean that the work might be made
twice, once by the NMUer, and once by the maintainer.
Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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