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Re: some Debian Apache Maintainer here ?

* Josselin Mouette 

| Le dimanche 18 juin 2006 à 15:30 +0200, Tollef Fog Heen a écrit :
| > | Tollef, you realise that neither me nor Marc (who has started this thread) 
| > | have ever talked about NMUs?
| > 
| > Josselin Mouette did.  I've earlier this week had to stop an NMU of
| > apr-util and would prefer that people don't NMU apache or related
| > packages.
| At the moment I proposed it, the Apache team was described as quite
| unresponsive and it looked like a logical answer. Now that you're back
| in the loop, of course this isn't needed anymore.

Uh, we were?  I've been fixing an apr build failure and general
cleanups for the last week or so.  Adam was going to upload a new
apache before the weekend, but didn't get around to it due to loads of
other stuff on his plate.

| I still fail to see why you feel "threatened" by a NMU proposal, though.

I said it was a threat of NMUing the package.  I haven't said anything
about how I feel about it apart from not being happy about it due to
seeing botched attempts in the past.

| See the words? Proposal, not threat. Do you think I'd be careless enough
| to upload such an important package without asking for more input
| before?

I'd certainly hope not.

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