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Re: some Debian Apache Maintainer here ?

Le dimanche 18 juin 2006 à 15:30 +0200, Tollef Fog Heen a écrit :
> | Tollef, you realise that neither me nor Marc (who has started this thread) 
> | have ever talked about NMUs?
> Josselin Mouette did.  I've earlier this week had to stop an NMU of
> apr-util and would prefer that people don't NMU apache or related
> packages.

At the moment I proposed it, the Apache team was described as quite
unresponsive and it looked like a logical answer. Now that you're back
in the loop, of course this isn't needed anymore.

I still fail to see why you feel "threatened" by a NMU proposal, though.
See the words? Proposal, not threat. Do you think I'd be careless enough
to upload such an important package without asking for more input
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