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Re: some Debian Apache Maintainer here ?

Adrian von Bidder skrev:
On Thursday 15 June 2006 16:06, Marc Chantreux wrote:

Is there a way to help/join/"have news from" the apache team ?

Have you tried contacting the apache maintainers directly? (I'd cc such mails to the d-apache@l.d.o list, just for the record)

The changelog.Debian.gz of apache2 and apache lists

apache and apache2 are not the only packages maintained by the apache team. Adam was supposed to upload a new apache2 upstream version a couple of days ago, but apparently never got around to it or something like that. I'll be seeing him later today or tomorrow, so I'll see if we can get something fixed RSN.

Without knowing or having asked Adam, this seems like help might be welcome.

Useful patches and comments are always welcome. Threats of NMUs and similar aren't.

- tfheen

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