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Re: message/rfc822

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Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Tyler MacDonald wrote:
>> You may think this is a poor question to ask debian-devel, but the
>> reason I am asking is because debian BTS doesn't expand rfc822
>> inlines (so when you click on one from BTS in debian firefox it asks
>> you if you want to download an EML file),
> All messages are actually sent to your browser with
> Content-Disposition: inline; it's up to your browser to decide what to
> do with the file and its Content-Type.
>> and while that'd be a nice feature for BTS, it'd be an even nicer
>> feature for debian as a whole. My favourite MTA is mutt, but it
>> expects a proper mbox, not just one message
> Just one message is a proper mbox with a single message; mutt has no
> problem opening them and viewing them.
> If there's a specific bug that's showing a problem, let me know, or
> file a bug against debbugs or bugs.debian.org.

$ file ~/*eml
/home/me/message_rfc822.eml: smtp mail text

$ file /home/me/download/pgsql-performance.2006-06.mbox
/home/me/download/pgsql-performance.2006-06.mbox: ISO-8859 mail
text, with very long lines

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