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Re: unstable? nah. :-)

Sebastian Harl, 2006-06-08 21:10:11 +0200 :

>> http://www.crackerjack.net/adserton3.png
> On that picture it says the box is up for 378 days. How does that go
> with 875 days idle time?

  Old Linux kernels have their uptime roll over at about 497 days
(which is like 2^32 ticks of a hundredth of a second).  I've had one
box kept at Debian unstable for two rollovers in a row, though it
wasn't a production server at all -- its final uptime was like 10
days, after having been up for more than three years.

Roland Mas

C r  ' s  d   a  u    e   e    ll r   a  u i r .  
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