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Re: unstable? nah. :-)

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Tyler MacDonald wrote:
> http://www.crackerjack.net/adserton3.png
> That production server has been running debian/unstable since it's inception
> in january of 2004, with dselect updates happening every couple of days. It
> was running apache, postfix, mysql, mydns. Despite being "unstable", there
> was never a problem that resulted in more than a couple of minutes' downtime
> during updates.
> It was finally retired today, after 875 days of uptime, not because there
> was a problem with it, just because there was a price problem with the
> hosting provider it's colocated at. For an "unstable" distribution, it gave
> me the most stable server experience I've ever had.
> Go debian!!!!!

That rocks.  What did the machine do?  (I want to forward this email
to a Windows admin friend of mine.)

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