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Re: debdelta

also sprach A Mennucc <debdev@mennucci.sns.it> [2006.05.31.1706 +0200]:
> I have completed a reasonably working version of 'debdelta', a package
> suite to compute differences between Debian packages.

Nice. I assume you saw
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/05/msg02676.html ?

> Unfortunately my repository of .debdelta is currently stored in a
> slow-bandwidth server; I would need some space (~800Mb) in some Debian
> server to host it (in a server where there is a copy of the archive). Any
> suggestions? The best would be if ftp-masters may help me set it up
> in ftp.debian.org .

In the mean time, I could give you an account on one of my machines,
which are on a 4Gbps link.

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