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Dear Debian people,

I have completed a reasonably working version of 'debdelta', a package
suite to compute differences between Debian packages.

For sake of clarity, let's call '.debdelta' a file that encodes
the differences between Debian packages, and '.deb' a Debian package.

The command 'debdelta' creates a .debdelta ; the command 'debpatch'
applies it to the old .deb to recreate the new .deb ; or,
it can use the *installed* files of the old .deb.

The command 'debdelta-upgrade' is meant to be run between 'apt-get
 update' and 'apt-get upgrade'; it downloads .debdelta files and
 recreate the new .deb files from them; always using the *installed* old
 version of the .deb, and not the old .deb file itself.

Downloading .debdeltas instead of .deb packages can be a huge
benefit for people with slow Internet access, and/or to keep traffic
on servers low (as when the X security upgrade did saturate the server
security.debian.org , see http://www.debian.org/News/2005/20050920 )

More info and details are in 

The 'debdelta' package is in

Unfortunately my repository of .debdelta is currently stored in a
slow-bandwidth server; I would need some space (~800Mb) in some Debian
server to host it (in a server where there is a copy of the archive). Any
suggestions? The best would be if ftp-masters may help me set it up
in ftp.debian.org .


Andrea Mennucc

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