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Re: Real Life hits: need to give up packages for adoption

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 20:48 +0200, Christoph Haas wrote:
> * svn-upgrade
> Upgrading from a new upstream tarball has never worked here. Matthijs
> Mohlmann and I are maintaining the "pdns" (PowerDNS) package in a
> Subversion repository. That software isn't trivial but it's also no
> rocket science. Still svn-upgrade choked and left us alone like
> "something didn't work half way - what do you want to do?" and we ended
> up with a borked repository. Up to now we made a backup of the
> repository beforehand and took our chances. I believe we merged in the
> upstream changes manually. I didn't want to understand what svn-upgrade
> is doing under the hood so I felt left alone there.

Does the upstream tar ball contain symbolic links? svn-upgrade calls
svn_load_dirs, a contrib script from the subversion package, to get the
new upstream version into the repository. Before version 1.3.0-1,
svn_load_dirs didn't know how to handle symbolic links.

Cheers, Til

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