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Re: [Debconf-discuss] list of valid documents for KSPs

Goswin von Brederlow dijo [Sun, May 28, 2006 at 02:50:26AM +0200]:
> >> Is there a list of official documents (with photos) that we can consider
> >> acceptable for a KSP?.  If there's not we definitely need one.
> >> However this is rather tricky because the list itself should be authenticated
> >> somehow, with a (gpg)signed photo of the person in charge for it? It seems clear
> >> that having the list somehow authoritative creates a chicken-egg problem.
> >
> > Not meaningful.  Individual KSP participants are still free to apply their
> > own personal standards for ID verification; attempting to "standardize" them
> > likely just means fewer KSP participants in the future.
> But then again people could lookup say mexican IDs and visas before
> going to a KSP in mexico so they have some clue what it should look
> like.
> If you take the list as informative instead of as exclusive it can
> have meaning.

I intended to give out this kind of information (what IDs are
recognized as official here and related stuff) - I didn't do it
because of being busy with other stuff. However, only one person told
me he didn't like my elector card (I promptly showed him my driver
license and my University worker ID, which seemed enough). And there
were many of us showing this kind of IDs.

I remember, however, in Norway most locals didn't have any document
which many of the KSP attendees would recognize as an official ID, and
there was quite a bitter argument regarding their bank cards with
pictures - And there were not just one or two, there were _many_
locals showing their IDs.


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